Our Solution

The experience of users is the key, regardless being a customers or employees۔

Develop responsive, web experiences

Attract visitors to your site, with our solution organizations can supply compelling, responsive customer experiences across omni-channel touch points that represent many enterprise information platforms like 14 different languages, supporting different devices, social and media requirements.

Improve revenues by providing solid customer experiences that consequence in ongoing engagement.
Streamline creation and production for products and campaigns with an automated, dynamic simple ECM ( enterprise content management) . this days any modern Legal Firm face rapidly changing client expectations followed by the need to engage customers with more personalized content.
Collaboration is essential for all professional services. having right content at the right time on a right device is key to create a seamless flow process for a higher client satisfaction plus keep customer in attractive and agile way.
Leverage data for meaningful understanding, search data for facts and share related findings, expertise and projects easy and organized, utilize leverage of data to perform early case assessment to enhance decision making and strategies.

Decrease risks and stay compliant

Meet the demands of increasing regulations while safeguarding data.

  • Gain visibility to help investigate and secure potential risks
  • Easy Investigate and secure potential risks
  • Manage information flows across the organization
  • Identify and eliminate unneeded information
  • Maintain a single, secure archive in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid

Better information exchange

Simplify B2B complexities to enable the seamless, secure information flowss

  • Enhance and automate operation for a better efficiency
  • Improve client support with full transparency in actions
  • Manage, monitor and audit all data exchange daily
  • Improve all security end-points
  • Enhance collaboration not only staff/staff but also staff/customer level
  • Modernize your entire infrastructure
  • Utilize our cloud-based or on-premises faxing solution to improve security as well as easy archiving , Enterprise platforms, such as SAP and Oracle, can be integrated to our faxing solution to send and receive fax documents.
  • Managed file transfer
  • Creates web forms in no time and secure web forms in only 3 step

Better operations is key to serve clients better

Establish consistent, auditable and defensible Information Governance across your business

Improved processes, control security and compliance

Unify and manage all content securely, u2i an end point to the archiving Dilemma
  • A highly scalable, proven solutions for archiving and managing the enterprise information life-cycle for a broad range of structured and unstructured information, including email, files, Microsoft® SharePoint® data, including ERP data (SAP®, Oracle®), instant messaging, web and social content—all within one easily managed repository.
  • Reduce costs and complexity with a centralized archiving solution.
  • Reduce risk and increase compliance with secure, accessible, long-term storage.
  • All content types, all in one archive.
  • Accelerate your time to compliance.
Use automated flow to automate manual processes to reduce costs and increase data quality. Reduces user burden for tedious tasks.

“Data analytic, predictive modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, among other technologies, are quickly becoming essential to the legal profession, helping organizations sort through complex information, find relevant documents more quickly and accurately, make better strategic decisions, improve work-flows and more.”

Enhance visitors experience and improve engagement with customers, partners and employees

A company who creates a higher employee engagement regarding their own products and services will increase customer satisfaction.

Improve the customer experience

Transform ordinary communications into more engageable discussions. Adapt to clients demand, improve and simplify staff tasks and functionality, utilize collaboration and secure electronic exchange as well as Private Push notifications or SMS notifications, without impacting security.

Multichannel communications

Utilize electronic exchange without compromising delivery requirements. Deliver statements, account summaries, letters, and more via customer-preferred delivery channels and devices and securely share it with them as well as allow them to reply back with their concern in their preferred format. (email, SMS, IM or a video calls)

Faster customer on-boarding

Consolidate all actions and processes in one place, increase attention and focus on tasks by eliminating jumping between applications and platforms to accomplish a job for staff, eliminate error-prone manual processes and paper-based workflows. Now you can dynamically and automatically compose, personalize, and produce all of the documents necessary for new account openings, welcome kits, new product information packages and more.

Online Appointment Scheduler

Guarantee the right resources and knowledge workers are available, and in the right location, to service the customer’s needs is necessity to managing right business.